Elise has found a way to inspire a variety of audiences – from her third grade classroom, to invoking positivity to audiences around the world. She is on a mission to give back by using her influence both on TV, and in the public eye to make a difference.

Elise Mosca made her most public debut as a contestant of The Bachelor (Season 18).  To keep a great thing going, ABC producers and executives introduced a brand new series: The Bachelor in Paradise. The concept was to bring back an “All Star” team of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette’s cast members from past seasons. The Bachelor in Paradise includes a mix of fan-favorite contestants from past seasons; Elise – being a fan favorite – was asked to take part in this hit reality TV series for season 1, bringing an ultimate Bachelor fan’s dream to fruition.

Teacher by day and entrepreneur at night, Elise radiates optimism and has a great deal of insight and wisdom to help to answer many questions – wherever life may take you!

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